What is PTC sites? What is Paid To Click about?

What is a PTC and how it works?

Are you looking to find out what is a PTC site and how it works? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, we are not only providing the definition of PTC, but also providing the name of top PTC sites that pay to their every members and are established from very long time. Not only that, we are also providing the name of top online work company which is not a PTC site, but is one of the best solution to make money online on regular basis. OK, now first of all let's find out what is PTC site and what is the best PTC site.

What is a PTC site? - PTC Site Review

The full form of PTC is Paid To Click, some people also knows it as Pay to Click which is one of the popular home based online work for everyone. Actually, it offers you to click the advertisements and view them. You will be paid small money for clicking and viewing each ad. Once you join the PTC sites, you will find the multiple numbers of ads to click and view which takes from 3 to 60 seconds for each ads and you will earn the equivalent money that they have quoted to view those ads. It doesn’t require high skill, if you have basic computer and internet knowledge, then you can easily do this work. It is one of the very easy part time online work.



Requirements to work with PTC site

There is not any special requirement in order to work with PTC sites. You just need a personal computer or laptop with internet connection, email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo etc., personal payment processor account such as PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin Wallet, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money etc. It depends upon different PTC sites, but most of them offer Payza and even recently PayPal changes their rule due to which it is now hard to find the PTC sites which offer PayPal.



How to earn money from PTC sites?

Almost, all PTC sites are free to join and work. However, most of them offer account upgrade options in order to earn more money from them. Some of them even offers renting referrals option, but in most of PTC sites it is hard to earn money by renting referrals. It has record that more than 90% people loose their money by renting referrals in PTC sites than earning from there. So, we never recommend anyone to rent referrals in PTC sites. Instead, in order to increase our income, it is always better to focus on making direct referrals in PTC sites. If don't know how to make direct referrals in PTC sites, then you can find the best option by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/guide-to-work-and-advertise-in-ptc/


The best part of PTC site is that it is very easy to work and we don't need any kind of special work skills, previous work experience. We can do this work anytime as per our own convenience.


In order to work with PTC sites, first of all you have to register account in those PTC sites as simply as you registered in Facebook or email service sites. Once you joined any PTC sites, there you will find the ads to click and view. When you click an ad and spend 3 to 60 seconds to view each ads, you will be paid between $0.0001 USD to $0.02 depending on the length of the ad and amount quoted by different PTC sites.


Aforementioned, you can increase your income in PTC sites by referring other people to join into respective PTC sites through your respective referral links which you will find out after you join each PTC sites. When you refer new people through your referral link into PTC sites, then you will earn commissions form your referrals earnings when they also work in those PTC sites by clicking and viewing ads. Your referrals don't need to worry about decreasing the amount of their earnings because the commission which you earn from their work will be separately provided by the respective PTC sites, not by cutting from your referrals account. Either your those referrals directly join the PTC sites or through your referral link, they will earn same amount of money in those PTC sites. So, more people you can refer in PTC sites, more money you can earn from these sites.


Some PTC sites also offers the tasks, offers, surveys etc. from which also you can earn additional money by doing those works.



How do you get paid from PTC sites?

You will get paid from PTC sites when your earnings reached around $2 to $8 depending on the rule of different kind of PTC sites. Once your earnings reach the minimum cashout threshold, then you can request for the payment in the respective PTC sites within your desired payment processor accounts and the respective PTC sites will pay you into your those respective payment processors account such as Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay etc. Some PTC sites will pay you instantly after the payment request, while some of them even can take upto 30 days to release your payment, but normally, average time is 7 days after the cashout request. Once you get your money into your desire payment processor accounts, you can withdraw that money to your bank account from those payment processors. 


If you don't know how to open account in any payment processors, then you no need to worry about that because it is very simple to open account in any payment processor site, just by registering using your email address as same as you registered in sites like Facebook, that's it. The further process to withdraw money from those payment processor accounts to your bank accounts has been clearly mentioned in each of those payment processors or even you can contact them for that and ask them. Some of the payment processors like Payza even provides live chat service. If you want to find out the link to join Payza or more details on it, you can click this link:- newsonlineincome.com/updated-news/



List of the best PTC sites that pay you

Aforementioned, PTC site is one of the easy part time home based work which anyone can do from all over the world. When you click and view more ads, complete more tasks, surveys, offers and refer more people to join as your referrals, you can make more money from PTC sites. You can find the list of some of the best Paid To Click websites (PTC websites) as below, the top 10 Paid To Click sites, where No.1 means the top one among all. If you want to find out more details on these PTC sites as listed below or want to find out the link to join each of them, then you can simply click the name of respective PTC sites as below which will direct you to the detail review of respective PTC sites where you can find the link to join them. 

  1. Clixsense
  2. GPTPlanet
  3. Scarlet-Clicks
  4. Buxvertise
  5. EasyHits4u
  6. Clixten
  7. LogiPTC
  8. BuxP
  9. WordLinx
  10. Donkeymails


Top Online Work Company to Established Full Time Online Income regularly

Although PTC sites are easy to work, we can't expect much more than some extra pocket money from PTC sites. However, if you are looking for full time online income for your lifetime, then definitely you need to come out of the PTC world and need to join the top rated online work company like Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


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