AdHitProfits Review - Is Ad Hit Profit Scam or Legit

Attention:- The sister site of AdHitProfits known as TrafficMonsoon has been under investigation of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) about which you can find in detail within our TrafficMonsoon Review page by clicking this link:- So, at the moment we don't suggest you to join or work in AdHitProfits as well.

Following is our old review on AdHitProfits

NOTE:- Following is the review based on our research on Adhitprofits. We are not providing this review to you in order to promote or recommend this site to you. We are only providing this review so that you will be aware of the facts about this site and can decide by yourself whether or not you want to work in this site. Our No.1 recommended company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate either by clicking following link or red banner as below :- 

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First of all, we were thinking to list AdHitProfits in our Scam list because admin of AdHitProfits is Charles Scoville and he is the owner of previous failed sites like Infinitybux etc.


However, we didn't list it in our Scam list because it is paying from April 8th 2013 to till now and the concept of site is innovative and he created something new this time. 


But, the site was creating debt and we thought he would now close this site. But again he prove us wrong and open new site known as "TrafficMonsoon". He created masterpiece as TrafficMonsoon and more than that instead of closing AdHitProfits even when it was in debt, he keep on paying to his members from the profit he made from his new site "TrafficMonsoon".


So, is that mean now it is safe to work in AdHitsprofit?


Is that mean now he want to change is black history?


May be or may be not. About it still we can't guarantee unless his new website TrafficMonsoon keep on paying for 2 years. Due to his past records, we decided to observe his both sites for additional 2 years (from October 2014).


However, we still don't recommend anyone to work in Adhitprofits because without purchasing advertising products, members can't earn within Adhitprofits. But, if you want to advertise your website or referral links free of cost, then you can try surf ads within Adhitprofits and in return you will get credits from which you can advertise your own website or referral links. But also, members who have purchased Advertising Service with revenue sharing plan in Adhitsprofit had earn good amount of money. So, it is upto you to decide to take risk or not. If you want to take risk and want to join Adhitsprofits, then you can join it by clicking picture above or  the banner as below.


We think it is better to work in the sister site of Adhitprofits (Traffic Monsoon) than in AdhitProfits because you can earn upto $0.1 per day just by viewing 10 ads within Traffic Monsoon as free member which takes only 5-10 minutes work per day. Since it is paying right now, it is worth to try. You can find detail strategy to work in Traffic Monsoon and link to join in it by clicking --->HERE<---


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After read our review, if you still want to join the Adhitprofits, then you can click the following banner (not applicable at the moment):-

Ad Hit Profits Review

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