Buxvertise Review – Is Buxvertise Scam or Legit?

Although we have listed Buxvertise within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section, it doesn't mean that it is one of the best company to plan for your lifetime income. It is just a PTC site where you can earn some extra cash. That is why you can find lots of positive Buxvertise reviews around the internet. However, if you are searching for the company from which you can established your full time online income for your lifetime, then you should join Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our detail review of Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.org/wealthy-affiliate-review/


Ok, let's begin with the Bux Vertise review as below:-


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Background of Buxvertise:-

Buxvertise Review

Buxvertise was launched on April 19, 2014. The plus point of Buxvertise is its owner - Drew and Jesse and even more its paypal account which is established since 2009. We have found many times that PTC websites collapsed due to the Paypal issues like account limitation and frozen. Most of the PTCs who have started with new Paypal accounts are the ones which actually get problem with Paypal.  But in case of Buxvertise, they are using Paypal of their sister company Traffic Return which is already old and established Paypal account due to which chance of Paypal limitations are less here.


The owner of Buxvertise - Drew and Jesse are successful and reputed persons in online work industry because they are the owner of legit website known as Traffic Return which is running from 2012 without any issue.


Link to join Buxvertise: www.bux-vertise.com

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What is Buxvertise?

Buxvertise is a PTC site in which you can earn money by viewing advertisements. You can earn from $0.001 to 0.00225 per advertisements click and if you upgrade your account to Buxer, then you will earn 150% of your click and if upgrade to Eternity, then you will earn 200% of your click and 200% of your referrals clicks as well.



Who can work in Buxvertise?

Buxvertise is suitable for both beginners and professionals. 



Buxvertise program details. (How to make money online in Buxvertise?)

As aforementioned, it’s very easy to work in Buxvertise. You just have to view advertisements, that's all. The main concept of Buxvertise is to display the advertisers’ advertisements and pay the money to the viewers for each views.

Buxvertise Legit or Scam

However, there are additional ways to earn money in Buxvertise.The best one is “Wheel of Bux”. You can spin the “wheel of bux” once everyday and you can earn some points and cash prizes as shown in the picture on the right. Those points can be convert into cash later. It is completely free to try and it has record that every member who has tried it for 7 days has got some points or cash for at least 5 times. So, it is worth to try.


You can also earn points by sharing your payment proofs in the other websites or blogs. After you got the payment from Buxvertise, take the screenshot of that payment details and share it in other websites and then inform the Buxvertise about it. They will reward you 10 points for sharing it. Later those points can be convert into cash.



How to make more money in Buxvertise?

The best way to boost up your income in Buxvertise is referrals. So, promote your referral link because when people join Buxvertise through your referral link, they will be your referrals and you will earn money from their work and purchases within Buxvertise.


You will earn money from referrals when they will start to do same work as you will do in Buxvertise. You will earn 50% to 200% from your referral clicks depending upon your membership. You will get commissions from the purchases of your referrals as well. You will get 2% commission on your referral's purchases as free member and 5% commission as an upgraded member.


As a free member, you can refer upto 200 people. If you upgrade your account to Buxer, you can refer 500 people and if you upgrade your account to Eternity then you can refer 5,000 people.


So keep on referring people. When you will have more than 100 active referrals, then you will start to earn good income.


NOTE:- You must view at least 6 ads everyday in order to earn commissions from your referrals regularly. If you miss to view 6 ads for today, you will not earn commissions from your referrals for next day.


After you have maximum number of referrals as a free member, it is better you to upgrade your account because you will earn more commissions from your referrals when you upgrade your account and you can refer more people as well.


We know that there are other features as well to earn more in Buxvertise like Offers, Superrewards, Peanutlabs, Adwork Media, playing BuxGrid etc.


But we think they are not worthy to spend your time, Why?


See more about it in “drawbacks of Buxvertise” caption.



How to get direct referrals in Buxvertise?

Click -->HERE<-- for the detail ideas to advertise your Buxvertise link to build your direct referrals in Buxvertise.



Is Buxvertise free to join or need to pay?

Buxvertise is completely free to join and work.



Drawbacks of Buxvertise:-

  • Buxvertise is still a new PTC, so Buxvertise has to prove itself to be established PTC. We will only catalog Buxvertise in our "Good and Trusted Online Work Companies" list after it complete 2 successful years without any major issues. Till that time it will still be under our observation. So, we suggest everyone to invest in Buxvertise only that much which you can afford to lose or only work as free member. UPDATE:- We have now already move Buxvertise to our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section because it is still paying on time after running successfully for more than 2 years.
  • Another feature in Buxvertise is playing BuxGrid. It is same like viewing ads by clicking Grid Box within one big picture. Each time you click, you will view one advertisement, but you will not get money for each click. You will only get cash prizes if you are lucky. But it is really very hard to get the luck. Though, you can try it if you have enough time, if not have, better leave it.
  • Other features in Buxvertise are Offers, Superrewards, Peanutlabs etc. which are better not to do because most of them disqualify you in the middle after you complete more than half work. Some of them let you sign up in other programs, but after you complete it, it is not sure that will get your reward or not. You will not earn enough money comparing the time you will spend in these works. Utilizing same time, you can do other better things such as promoting your referral link to make referrals which will lead you towards good result of earnings through Buxvertise. And some of these works will even ask for your credit card information which we highly recommend you to never submit because these are not from Buxvertise itself, but from the advertisers. Buxvertise cannot guarantees about any advertisers. So, never submit your any critical information in such kind of works.
  • Buxvertise has feature to rent referrals, but you can't make profit from rented referrals as a free or a Buxer member. You can earn little amount from rented referrals only if you upgrade your account to Eternity monthly and rent upto 1100 RR, not more than 1100 RR because till you have 1000 RR, you can rent referrals @$0.18 per referral, more than that will be $0.2 per referral which will not be profitable. Once you rent total 1100 RR, don't extend or recycle them. Just let them expire after 30 days and keep on renting new referrals. Only this way you can make some profit by renting referrals in Buxvertise. Otherwise, you will lose money from rented referrals if you follow any other strategies to rent referrals in Buxvertise. That is why we should focus on direct referrals than renting referrals, not only in Buxvertise, but in any other PTC sites. But if you want to try your luck from rented referrals, then only follow the strategy as we have mentioned before. If you want to know the best strategy to make direct referrals in Buxvertise as well as in any other online work companies, then click -->HERE<--


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