Cashpiggy Review, Is Legit or Scam?

Cashpiggy is a legit company. However, still have some drawbacks which you can find in our "Drawbacks of Cash Piggy" caption as below.

Background of Cashpiggy

Cashpiggy is a sister site of very trusted company (Adf .ly) which is paying from 2009. You can find our detail review on by clicking this link:-

So, Cash Piggy is a company which we can trust. That is why we directly list Cashpiggy in our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section.

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What is Cashpiggy

Cashpiggy is very simple online work site from which you can earn money by doing simple tasks like viewing PTC ads, completing offers and surveys.


Detail Strategy to work in Cashpiggy

It is very simple to work in Cashpiggy. In order to earn within "Cash piggy", you need to do the following tasks:- 


1. View ads:-

Once you register in Cashpiggy by clicking the banner as above, log into your Cashpiggy account and then click “View ads” button on the top of Cashpiggy page which will direct you to the page where you can find advertisements from different advertisers. Click those advertisements within that page and view them. As soon you complete viewing those advertisements, you will receive respective amount as quoted in each of those advertisements. It takes around 5 to 60 seconds to view each advertisement depending upon the amount of advertisements. 


2. Offers:-

Click “Offers” on the top of Cashpiggy page and you will find the dropdown menu from where you can select tasks like Cashpiggy,, Wannads, SuperRewards, Matomy and Wall Ads. You can select any of them one by one and can do the tasks as mention within the respective section. Each tasks have describe everything in detail. So, you can just follow the instruction and complete the tasks as guided there. After you complete each offers/tasks/surveys, you will earn amount as quoted within each of those offers as well as points. 


3. PigGrid:

Click PigGrid on the top of Cashpiggy page and then start clicking on the picture grids. You can click upto 30times per day and can win upto $10.


4. Prizes:-

As soon you get enough points which you can get by completing offers as we mention before, you can use those points to exchange it for prizes or direct cash to your Paypal account. Each 2500 points will reward you $25 into your Paypal account.


5. Referrals:-

Doing above mention tasks from No.1 to No.4 will help you to earn only little amount. However, if you are looking for good earnings from Cashpiggy, then you should refer people using your referral link. There is no limit how much referrals you can refer in Cashpiggy. More referrals you can refer, you will earn more. You will receive 20% of your referrals earnings and 5% commission on every advertising that your referrals purchase.

If you don’t know how to refer people, then you can click the following link where we have described in detail about the strategy to get referrals:-

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Drawbacks of Cashpiggy

  1. In some offers/surveys provided by advertisers of Cashpiggy, you need to provide your credit card information in order to complete those offers. However, those offers are not from Cashpiggy themselves, they are from advertisers (members like you). Some of the advertisers/members request those credit card information with intention of scamming people. So, we suggest everyone to do only those offers where you no need to provide credit card information. We don't mean all of those offers where need to provide credit card information are scams, but some of them might be scam. So, in order to protect ourselves, it is better we avoid doing such kind of surveys and offers.
  2. Cashpiggy never show their self sponsored ads and only rely with advertisers (members) for PTC ads due to which sometime there won't be any ads for you to view. However, you can find offers and surveys almost everyday.
  3. You must join in order to cashout from Cashpiggy because your earnings from Cashpiggy can transfer only to your account and from there only you can cashout into your desire payment processor account. So, in order to join, you can find the link within our detail review on by clicking this link:-


As per our review on CashPiggy as above, it is clear that Cashpiggy is a legit company. However, we suggest you to take precaution as we mention in our "Drawbacks of Cashpiggy" caption as above while working in Cashpiggy.

If you are searching for various kind of legit online work companies, then you can find it listed within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section by clicking the link as below:-

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