EdenTraffic Review, Is Eden Traffic Scam or Legit?

Before we begin with review of EdenTraffic, we want to make you clear that neither we are promoting nor recommending this company. We are only delivering the truths about Eden Traffic, both pros and cons of "Eden Traffic". We only recommend top established companies like Wealthy Affiliate which is at No.1 position from 2005. If you want to find out our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate, you can click this link:-



OK, now lets begin with EdenTraffic Review. Lets find out either Eden Traffic is scam or legit?

Attention:- It is now only 15 days from today (August 16, 2016) to get back frozen money of Eden Traffic from Paypal. If they don't able to get it back within 15 days from August 16, then it is very hard for them to get back that money ever. On top of that, same kind of company known as TrafficMonsoon is now under investigation by SEC, for details click this link:- newsonlineincome.com/traffic-monsoon/. So, if SEC declare TrafficMonsoon as Ponzi scheme, so will EdenTraffic too. So, better we don't work in EdenTraffic at the moment unless everything is finalized.

Below is our old review on EdenTraffic

After reading our detail review on EdenTraffic as below, if you still decide to work in EdenTraffic, then you can click the banner as below in order to register and work within Eden Traffic (Not applicable now)

Eden Traffic Review, Is EdenTraffic Scam or Legit?

Background of EdenTraffic

The EdenTraffic has officially launched on 30 Nov 2015. The owner of site is Arnulf Gleisner from German. We didn't find any past record of his involvement with any online work companies. However, we find out that he use to work as affiliate marketer in various online work companies. 


What is Eden Traffic

Eden Traffic is Revenue sharing program. However, they have provided the option to work as free members as well such as earnings from Cashlinks. But you can't earn good income only as free member. The way to earn from it is by purchasing their adpacks so that you can earn revenue generate from the site.


These days Revenue sharing sites like EdenTraffic is becoming popular day by day. The most popular of its kind at the moment is TrafficMonsoon. You can find our detail review on TrafficMonsoon by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome.com/traffic-monsoon/


However, we should warned everyone that most of revenue sharing sites won't last for longer unless they able to generate real profit from members instead of paying old members from the investment of new members. As per our research, EdenTraffic is also generating some revenue from their ad services than only from adpacks. But it doesn't seem enough to pay to all members. Even if they manage to make enough profit to pay back to each members in revenue sharing pools, then also it is still a risky business because those sales can be drop at any time which may results lots of debt to the company. So, in both way, it is a risky business, either they pay old members from money of new members or they generate real profit from the good sales.


So, if you wan to work in EdenTraffic, we suggest you to work only as free member. We know as free member you can't make good money, but free money is always good. You can also increase your earnings as free member by making referrals because you will get 100% commissions on referral cashlinks clicks and 10% commissions from their each purchases of any ad services within EdenTraffic. However, if you still want to purchase adpacks within this company, then we suggest you to purchase only that much amount which you can afford to lose.


Detail Strategy to Work in EdenTraffic and Get Referrals in it

It is very simple and easy to work in EdenTraffic. You just have follow the 5 steps as mention below:-


1. Register:-

First of all you need to register in EdenTraffic. For that you can click the banner below which will direct you to the EdenTraffic page. After that you can put your email address and passwords and your real name and submit them. After that you will get activation email in your email which you have put during registration. You have to click the link provided within your email and then activate your account. After that log in using username and password that you have provided during registration. After that follow step No. 2.


2. View advertisements:-

Once you log in to your EdenTraffic Account, you have to view 10 advertisements every 24 hour in order to remain active within Eden Traffic so that you can earn commissions from your referrals and revenues through adpacks as mention in No. 4 and No. 5 as below.


3. View Cashlinks:-

After you view 10 ads within "view advertisements" section, then you can check cashlinks section. When you click those cashlinks ads, you will earn amount as mentioned within those cashlinks. However, it is not guarantee that cashlinks are available always. So, we suggest you to check cashlinks section from time to time throughout a day in order to get more benefits from it.


4. Get Referrals:-

You can find your referral link on the bottom of your account page or within "Banners and Referral Links" which you can find on the left hand side menu of Eden Traffic under "Affiliate" section. You can send those links to your friends through email and Facebook and when your friends click those links, they will be your referrals and you can earn 100% commissions when they view cashlinks ads as same as you do as described in No.3 as well as 10% commissions of their purchases on advertisements services within Eden Traffic. But, the real ways to get referrals is not only referring your friends, but by advertising your referral links in other high traffic websites. We have provided the detail strategy to get referrals within our another post which you can find by clicking this link:-



5. Purchasing Adpacks:-

You can purchase adpacks within "Adpacks w. RevShare" section which you can find on the left hand side menu of EdenTraffic. If you purchase those adpacks, you can earn back 115% to 130% as described in that section. For example, if you purchase adpacks worth $100, then you will earn back upto $130 in total, means total $30 profit plus advertisement of your site for which you have buy those adpacks. As per present sharing ratio (21 Feb 2016), adpacks sharing are in the ratio of 1.68% to 2.64% per day. But, it will not be in the same amount after. It can be more or less depending upon the sales each day. It is not guarantee how long you have to wait to get back your ROI in total. So, it always has risk to purchase such kind of adpacks. But many are earning good income through it as well. However, since it is risky, we suggest you to invest only that much amount which you can afford to lose.


Our Conclusion on EdenTraffic

As we have mentioned before, EdenTraffic is revenue sharing platform and it is always risky to invest in this kind of platform. However, to work only as free member, it is considerable because till date they are paying. But, if you want to earn through their lucrative revenue share plans, then we suggest you to only invest that much amount which you can afford to lose because first of all revenue sharing platform itself have risk. If they don't able to make enough sales through their advertisement services, then they need to keep on paying old members from money invested by new members which will lead company into debt soon. However, even if they able to make enough sales, it is not guarantee that company can always get sales in same ratio, so there may be debt situation again in the future even if company making good sales and making good profit in the present. More than that, EdenTraffic still have Paypal as their payment option and as per Paypal new rule, they can't work with any revenue sharing companies. So, due to that, it may have chance that in recent future their Paypal account got frozen. Actually one time their account already got limited by Paypal, but it seems they manage to overcome from it because now their Paypal account is active once again. So, we think they are full aware of Paypal situation as other revenue sharing companies have also already faced problems from Paypal. May be they have already managed the way to come out from Paypal problems. More than that, they still have SolidTrustPay and Payeer as their other payment option which may help them to keep survive.


After reading our detail review on EdenTraffic, if you still want to work in this company, then you can click the banner below and register and work within it (Not Applicable Now)

In order to join EdenTraffic and start to work, you can click HERE


EdenTraffic also got the problem from Paypal like we have guessed as above within our review. EdenTraffic did the same what TrafficMonsoon did to overcome the problem, pause the AdPacks which were purchased using Paypal and keep on paying to new earnings and withdrawals through SolidTrustPay and Payeer.

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