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Is My 24 Hour Income scam or legit? Are you searching for My 24 Hour Income reviews in order to find it out? If so, then you’re absolutely in the right place. Here, within our My 24 Hour Income review, we have provided all the truth about My24HourIncome, both pros and cons such as What is My 24 hour Income, My 24 Hour Income Complaints, about My24HourIncome scam claims, about negative My24HourIncome reviews, etc. Before we begin with our review, we want to make you clear that we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list. My 24 Hour Income is the revenue sharing advertising platform which is risky in itself and there are still other drawbacks about My 24 Hours Income about which we have explained in detail within our review as below. Actually we only recommend the top rated companies like Wealthy Affiliate where there is not any big risk to work, which has been established from very long time with high rate of successful members, from where you can plan for your full time online income. If you are interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find our detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


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Update 27 December 2016: It seems My24HourIncome is already struggling to manage funds to pay to their all members even if after Payza releases their all funds because first of all they stop paying and now in order to over come the payment problems, they are making 90/10 split system under which members can withdraw the amount that they have quoted like lets say you are the member and you quote $500 minimum withdrawal amount, then you can withdraw only when your earnings reach $500, but in order to withdraw $500 next time, you have to pay back $450 to the system means by re-purchasing the AdPacks with 90% of your withdrawal amount, only after that you will be able to withdraw next time. So, it is just like now you can withdraw only 10% of your total earnings. We don't think this will make the system any more sustainable because if the members can't withdraw and keep on purchasing more AdPacks, then that will increase their revenue sharing positions more in upcoming days and again it will be more difficult to manage for My24HourIncome to pay to their all members. So, if they really want to make the system sustainable, they should start to focus on selling other products or services from which they can make real profit and then pay revenues to the members only when they can make real profit and doesn't pay those days when they can't generate profit by themselves.


Below you can find our review on My24HourIncome.

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Background of My 24 Hour Income:

The owners and founders of My 24 Hour Income are Drew Burton and Faheem Rajput. And the company was registered in July, 2016. Actually these are the details which they claim by themselves but, all the details about them are hidden within WHOIS record of domain On top of that, Burton has already involved in bad companies like, Zukul Ad Network, Click Delivery and so on. And Burton was also involved with Fort Ad Pays which had turned out to be very bad business with lots of issues and complaints. Faheem Rajput is also promoting ZF Share which is another unsustainable site which was launched at the same time when the FortAdPays started creating problems. So, the background of the owners is not so good and that is one of the bad symbols for any kind of business sector. If they don't care promoting unsustainable and problematic companies, then we can't believe them to care the members of their own site as well. On top of that, the business model of My24HourIncome is risky in itself because even they only pay their members when they real make profit, then also it can't be sure they can always make profit and the members who keep on purchasing Adpacks, they may end up earning nothing because like this kind of sites can stop paying revenues if they can't make profit. On the other hand, if they are not paying from real profit, then that means site is following the Ponzi Scheme. So, either way, it is risky business model. So, we suggest you either completely ignore these kind of sites or only use to take the advertisements benefits by purchasing AdPacks or if you are in this platform only to make some money online, then also never ever purchase the AdPacks more than the amount which you can't afford to lose.



How to earn money from My24HourIncome

You can join My24HourIncome free of cost. But as a free member, you can't earn good income here and the only way to earn some good amount is by purchasing AdPacks which is risky. You can purchase the AdPacks which costs from $5 to $75 per AdPack and from that you can earn back 110% to 130% ROI. Means, if you purchase $5 worth AdPack, you will earn back $11 in total, means 110% ROI of your purchased amount, for $15 AdPack - 115% ROI, for $35 of AdPack - 120% ROI and for $75 AdPack, 130% ROI of your purchased amount, means you will earn back $97.5 per AdPack in total from $75 worth AdPack. However, they have not mentioned how long it will take for you to earn back that much amount, which is actually good thing because they will pay only when they make real profit instead of paying from the money of new members to the old members. But, we can't be sure they are really paying honestly or in Ponzi style. Only by observing business for long time, we can say that they are paying from real profit or not because if they are paying from real profit, then they will sustain for very long time, otherwise sooner or later they will collapse. And even if they make huge profit, then also they have put the cap in their revenue sharing model according to which maximum you can earn up to 3.8% per day of your purchased amount of AdPacks until you earn total ROI from your AdPacks as per their claims, but to qualify to earn daily, you have to watch eight company supplied ads every 24 hours.


You can also earn commissions upto 3 levels of your recruited members, means level 1 as your direct referrals, level 2 as the referrals of your referrals and so on according to which you will earn 8% commission from your personal recruited member's purchases, means from your level 1 referral's purchases and 2% from your level 2 and level 3 referrals.


Either way, this business model is risky because if they are paying as per their claim by making real profit, then also it is not guarantee that they can make same amount of profit in the future and if they are unable to make profit in the future, they can stop sharing revenue or even company can be collapsed if they can't make any profit for long time. However, if they are lying and paying old members from the investment of new members, then that won't make their system sustainable and sooner or later company will be collapse. By considering 130% ROI on AdPacks and also total 12% commission to the different level of sponsors, it makes 142% ROI in total which is very difficult to pay back by making real profit. For any legit business, it is hard to make enough profit to pay back 142% in total. However, only they knows the reality. So, it is completely upto you either you want to take a risk working with this company or not. From our side, we will not recommend such kind of risky companies.




Aforementioned, Background of the owners of My24HourIncome is not so good because they have involved with lots of failed and controversial sites. On top of that, My 24 Hour Income is revenue sharing advertising company which is risky business model in itself and also they are offering 130% ROI and 12% sponsor commissions on different levels which make them to pay back 142% of the amount of AdPacks that members have purchased which is high ROI rate to be sustainable just by running this kind of business model. If they are backed up with other businesses, then only they know the truth, but considering only this business, it doesn't seem easy for them to cover up 142% ROI in total. 


Same kind of company, known as TrafficMonsoon, with same business model, but also with less ROI, only around 110% and with sponsor commission 10%, means total 120% ROI is facing the court case filed by SEC in USA, although even TrafficMonsoon was able to make the sales of their other products than only AdPacks such as CashLinks, StartPage ads, login ads, banner credits etc. So, comparing business model of My24HourIncome with TrafficMonsoon, it is already unsustainable and even the company like TrafficMonsoon which seemed to be sustainable is also now facing the legal problems and even not sure TrafficMonsoon will win the case or not. And if the TrafficMonsoon won’t able to win the case, then all the companies like My 24 Hour Income will be consider as illegal. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to join and work with My24HourIncome, however final choice is yours, but at least you should not purchase AdPacks more than the amount you can't afford to lose. Actually, we only recommend top rated companies like Wealthy Affiliate where there is not big risk involved, which business model is legal and sustaining from very long time, where you can develop your career to make your future bright in online business sector. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-


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