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Comments: 120
  • #120

    Steven (Thursday, 10 August 2017 05:48)

    Hey there

    I have only been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few weeks but I have to say that is has been excellent so far. The huge amount of training and help available is incredible and the community spirit within the platform is like nothing I have experienced before. I hope to be a member for many years.



  • #119

    Doug (Monday, 24 July 2017 16:33)

    Been a member of wealthy affiliate for about 2 months now. I have run into some issues along the way, but nothing that wasn't answered in a few minutes. So many members that are willing to help, I find it refreshing.
    There is one thing they cannot teach you and that is patience.
    Other than that, is been a good experience so far.

  • #118

    Neil (Saturday, 01 July 2017 10:22)

    Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST! I have no complaints. Thanks for allowing us to post.

  • #117

    Luigi (Tuesday, 23 May 2017 18:03)

    In my experiences so far (2 months in) I think the program is a very solid foundation to get yourself started in marketing your interests online. I never believed I'll be making my very own website alone. Always thought it was some magical formula that only experts would be able to produce. Nonetheless, I believe what Wealthy Affiliate got going on is something of great value, I'd recommend for anyone that's willing to give it a shot! I've learned so much in this short period of time. Really look forward what this year brings to me using their program.

  • #116

    Randy (Tuesday, 23 May 2017 10:04)

    After I signed up for free and got started with Wealthy Affiliate I created my first website, after realizing how good the training was and how easy it is to create your own site I chose to join. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is there to help you become successful as they need us to succeed to create success for their self.


  • #115

    Andrei (Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:22)

    It is to my belief that Wealthy Affiliate is more that will teach you to earn money. Their main goal is to teach you how to create your very own online business and how to gain authority in a specific domain on which you are interested. They exclude the possibility of being a scam since they offer you the opportunity to test their service for free for lifetime. I arrived at this beloved community with absolutely no prior experience. After a couple of months I successfully created, deleted a couple of websites and I even succeeded in reaching rank 1 on Google, Yahoo, Bing , Yandex etc. on multiple pages.

  • #114

    Mike (Thursday, 18 May 2017 08:03)

    Wealthy Affiliate is a totally legit and it is in my opinion the best place for online entrepreneurs. The community there is amazing. You'll always find a helping hand when needed.

  • #113

    Bibian (Thursday, 18 May 2017 06:49)

    Wealthy affiliate is the real place you can learn everything concerning online business. I joined 2016. I like it because it is giving me what I want to know about online business.

  • #112

    Adriana & Jesus (Thursday, 13 April 2017 01:18)

    We started on WA about 5 months now, but we only started really putting the effort in the end of January and we have made crazy progress. It has been awesome and pretty easy. It does take a lot of work, but minimal money involved and just continuous work.

  • #111

    Geoff (Tuesday, 28 March 2017 21:40)

    I've been a member of WA for almost 3 months now and can honestly say that i've never found anything online that offers such a huge amount of training and support. Overtime you log on you are learning something new about online business. It really has become a second home. I highly recommend it to anybody starting out in internet marketing.

  • #110

    News Online Income (Friday, 10 March 2017 12:33)

    @Dennis Darragh,

    Here is the answer of your query about our policy.
    We find out that many try to abuse our this forum by placing the links of their websites just to promote anything they like or keep on posting their Wealthy Affiliate referral links or reviews posts links instead of just using it as a pure dedicated platform to post the comments only on Wealthy Affiliate. So, we add that policy in order to avoid those kinds of comments.

    And now here is the answer of your another another query "Why are you doing this?"
    Well, the answer is simple. It is the place where people can post anything about Wealthy Affiliate, their queries, their complaints, their experience and so on. We make it sure that we will not edit any of those comments unless those have website links on them or those are not related with Wealthy Affiliate. So, we are doing this just to give the open platform for everyone to talk about Wealthy Affiliate.

  • #109

    Dennis Darragh (Monday, 06 March 2017 10:08)

    I came looking for the forum and can't seem to find it?? I think it is a good idea to have a place where you can have all sides of the story illuminated.
    What I don't understand is your policy on website links? Why are you doing this?


  • #108

    Marie (Sunday, 05 March 2017 05:50)

    I have only been a member of wealthy affiliate for a few weeks now but I am very pleased with how much i have learnt in such a small amount of time. I started as a free member but soon changed to premium. I love the amount of help I get from all the other members of wealthy affiliate.

  • #107

    Jessie Palaypay (Saturday, 04 March 2017 02:00)

    I've recently been a wealthy affiliate member for over 2 months now and I have to say I am very satisfied with the service that I am being provided. The beauty of the platform is that because it has a social media aspect to it, you have access to help from the community virtually 24/7/365. Granted, because of that nature of social media, you do need discipline to make sure that you focus on tasks at hand. No amount of college education can give me what I've already gotten here and at a fraction of the price as well.

  • #106

    Kathy (Thursday, 02 March 2017 14:57)

    I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for a little over three months now, and I can honestly say I have learned a lot! The training and support I have received has been amazing. Initially I joined as a free member, but I soon realized becoming a paid member would be of great benefit to me. I made a wise investment.

  • #105

    Ian (Monday, 27 February 2017 22:37)

    I've been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for 9 months now. I've learned soooo much in regards to internet marketing and creating an online business, and learn something new every day without fail.

    I've also had some monetary success as well. Not much just yet (but that's because I didn't focus so hard on the training), but it's definitely starting to pick up.

    No website is perfect though, and Wealthy Affiliate does have some very minor issues, such as how distracting live chat is (although it's extremely helpful as well...). If you learn to overlook these and simply focus on the training, you can definitely create a very lucrative online business.

  • #104

    Eric Cantu (Saturday, 25 February 2017 13:49)

    It's hard not to be overjoyed with my Wealthy Affiliate experience. I found the site by accident, saw what it was about, tried it free, and never looked back. The training available is unmatched. It's like going to a college university for building websites that will succeed. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend it to anyone interested in building a business around their passion.

  • #103

    Earnest (Saturday, 25 February 2017 09:45)

    Great site, I really dont have any complaints at the moment.I have learned quite a bit in the past month in a half.It definitely takes patience and persistence to achieve true success.

  • #102

    News Online Income (Thursday, 23 February 2017 06:44)

    @ Konrad,
    Thank you very much for such a nice feedback. We appreciate it a lot :)

  • #101

    Konrad (Saturday, 18 February 2017 04:59)

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that you have a powerful site running here, keep up the good work.

  • #100

    Nico Rocha (Thursday, 16 February 2017 03:09)

    I don't have any complaints about wealthy affiliate ever since the time I registered because you have everything here! From the community to the support staff, you have every tool you need to succeed. All you need is to follow the instructions and things will get better for you.

  • #99

    TomasB (Sunday, 12 February 2017 12:20)

    My experience with Wealthy Affiliate over the past year has been positive and very informative. What I find to be a benefit for me is that you do the lessons at your own pace, and you can review them as often as you need to before marking them as complete.

  • #98

    JT (Sunday, 12 February 2017 06:54)

    When I first found out about Wealthy Affiliate I thought that they were just another MLM or some sort of a scam. I was scammed in the past before, so I admit was very skeptical about It. In the end their $0 free membership convinced me to give it a try. I upgraded to Premium soon after and haven't looked back since. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who's serious in building an online business and tired of all the scams.

  • #97

    News Online Income (Sunday, 12 February 2017 03:57)

    @ Omendar Singh Naruka,
    In order to join Wealthy Affiliate, you can click the link which you can find within our Wealthy Affiliate review page and follow the registration forum. You can find our Wealthy Affiliate review page and link to join Wealthy Affiliate by following the link as below:-
    You can always feel free to contact us again if you need any further help.
    Good Luck!

  • #96

    Omendar singh naruka (Thursday, 09 February 2017 04:19)

    How to join

  • #95

    Kurtis Quick (Friday, 03 February 2017 07:51)

    What is your biggest complaint about WA? I have been a member for a few months and I'm not sure I have any...

  • #94

    News Online Income (Thursday, 26 January 2017 08:32)

    If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find the link to join it within our Wealthy Affiliate review page as well as more details on Wealthy Affiliate by simply following the link as below:

  • #93

    shrikrishan (Thursday, 26 January 2017 08:30)

    wish to join

  • #92

    Norma (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 09:28)

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best online sites ever. I have learned a great deal through the training provided by WA. Even those who join as Free Members get enough training to start their online business.

  • #91

    Mattia (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 04:08)

    Just wanted to drop a line and say that I've joined Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago and I'm really happy with it. My pleasure to join your forum to talk about it.

    Thanks a lot!

  • #90

    Jennifer Roeglin-Martinez (Monday, 16 January 2017 11:27)

    I have been with WA for about 4 months I think. I have learned SO much and nothing comes close to it. My favorite part is the weekly live training with Jay- he knows so much and is really good at explaining things. Kyle and Carson are true to their word- they are always around to help. I have put in 1 or 2 tickets for issues I was having and they helped me fix the problems immediately. I can not say enough good things about this site. Again, nothing I have found online compares to WA. GREAT experience all around and I am still learning, every day.

  • #89

    Gina (Friday, 13 January 2017 17:39)

    Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best program I have ever joined. The help and support you get from the owners and a team of expert online business owners is priceless. The step by step written and video training is top notch and easy to understand. You can join as a free member so there is no risk in trying it. I would recommend it to anyone interested in building or maintaining an online business.

  • #88

    Geoff (Monday, 09 January 2017 07:27)

    WA is nothing short of a class act. Scour the entire internet. The closest platform you'll find to Wealthy Affiliate either costs twice the money (or more), or provides only half the tools.

    It takes time and hard work to develop a website until it becomes profitable. But Wealthy Affiliate taught me something else too.

    WA taught me to write articles that search engines consider quality content. As it turns out, this is a skill set highly valued in the digital market. I've been able to write for a supplemental income, and now I'm writing full time.

    Thanks again WA and thanks for reading. Geoff.

  • #87

    Norman Richards (Sunday, 08 January 2017 05:13)

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information it is good to know, Thanks a lot for sharing, I did not know that you could do that . have a good day.

  • #86

    Oren (Thursday, 05 January 2017 20:54)

    I have been using the training at Wealthy Affiliate to build a business website. The training, community and tools are the best I have found - no scams, no BS - and the price can't be beat!

  • #85

    Edward (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 20:38)

    I'm considering joining because I've encountered a lot of scam ones out there.

  • #84

    Jerry Huang (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 01:24)

    I have no doubt towards Wealthy Affiliate. It's literally the BEST OF THE BEST online community and platform for anyone to get started online. The training is very thorough and clear. It built up my foundation in online marketing.

    Thank you Wealthy Affiliate:)

  • #83

    News Online Income (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 01:16)

    Sure it is open forum, it is not limited to positive comments only, it is open to everyone who want to say anything about Wealthy Affiliate. So, sure, we are open for negative comments as well.

  • #82

    Sam (Monday, 26 December 2016 20:18)

    Thanks DeRaj, this is a very good idea, so we can leave questions or comments good or bad here and it will stay here?

  • #81

    Sean (Monday, 26 December 2016 04:50)

    Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic way to learn how to set up a website and run an online business. The training is second to none and the overall support from the community is amazing.

  • #80

    Arooj asif (Sunday, 25 December 2016 09:13)

    I have read all the reviews, most of them was on good side. I am also newbie having no marketing background. I was really in a pressure when i signed up premium. Now i went yearly and 2 months have gone. Learned alot. Most of premium have got refferals. But i did not earn a single penny still. Now i have gripped tight on patience. Working hard on single website . Niche is still my big problem. As i was unaware of so many things. Once got warned by Kyle due to my small mistake. Lol... all in all . Its good . Actually, here people dont want learn online. People beleive on shortcuts. They can make a website earn in 4 months. Thats enough for now. Thanks WA.

  • #79

    Demi (Sunday, 25 December 2016 01:20)

    Hi, This certainly is a great way for people to come together to learn about wealthy affiliate. I have been a member of WA more than a year now and I have learned a lot.

  • #78

    Lucy (Saturday, 17 December 2016 14:40)

    Hello ,
    I am interesting I want to learn how to make money online .
    Thank you .

  • #77

    Cathy Scallan (Thursday, 15 December 2016 17:15)

    What a great idea you have here. This is a great site for other to come and get more insight on WA before they join. I have been with WA for about 6 months now and am amazed at the amount I have learned in this time. Anyone who is interested in learning about affiliate marketing needs to become a member.

  • #76

    Wesley (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 17:10)

    Thank you for this great resource. It is nice to have a place to gain knowledge or more understanding about Wealthy Affiliate and many other things. Thank you for letting us in on the knowledge that you have acquired.

  • #75

    Sunny (Friday, 02 December 2016 12:00)

    Hi, I have to say that I love your site. It's fabulous!!!
    Now to answer your question. I am really amazed by all I have learned since I committed to my work at the Wealthy Affiliate.
    I started with the BootCamp and my WA website at the end of August and committed to it truly and fully and I am seeing results already :) I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate University to everyone!!!


  • #74

    Anis (Tuesday, 29 November 2016 04:26)

    Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome community a premium member since October, I love it the training is high quality, it's the best community when it comes to learning to start an online business! :)
    I recommend it to everyone :)

  • #73

    Dave (Sunday, 27 November 2016 16:12)

    I've been on wealthy affiliate for two years now. And I have to admit that they are the most efficient and professional affiliate marketing platform in the world.

    I know what quality is, and I'm usually very skeptical about joining any program online. And it actually took me six months after hearing before I joined WA. But since I joined, I've never looked back. Hope this helps.

  • #72

    Andy Anderson (Sunday, 27 November 2016)

    I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for about three months. In that time, I have learned a heck of a lot about affiliate marketing, SEO, and marketing in general. I am still fairly new at it, so I have not made much money doing it, but I think three months is a little early to make a judgement. Overall, I am really happy with the program so far.

  • #71

    JohnV (Saturday, 26 November 2016 08:13)

    I am intrigued as why you add the word complaints after the term Wealthy Affiliate. I do not believe I would be interested in the views of someone who could give WA an honest try and not appreciate its value. As for anyone who has not made an honest attempt, well ...